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Memorial museum of academician Peter Kapitza

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    The museum contains the pieces of scientific equipment which Kapitza was working with for many years. Among them are unique delicately made glass pieces with which superfluidity of liquid helium was discovered and studied.

    Part of it came here from Cambridge, another part was created with Kapitza own hands. He was not only scientist, but a practical engineer, and was fond of designing things. Among the museum masterpieces there is a wooden table that never staggers, made by Kapitza himself.

    Among the rest, the exhibit shows a unique collection of photos of prominent people, most of them autographed. Back in England, Kapitza began to share photos with his fellow physicists. Above his desk was a whole portrait gallery of scientists.

    A lot of other medals and diplomas are displayed in the museum, reflecting an enormous global recognition of Kapitza - a scholar and public figure, among them is the Nobel prize certificate, he obtained in 1978.

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Administrative phone:
    (499) 137- 32-30

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    founded: 17.01.1985
    opened: 08.04.1985

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    culture for society, scientific


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    archive, science library

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    307, rare collection's items: 307

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