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The Krasnoyarsk regional museum

Phone: (391) 227-05-80, (391) 227-92-04

Address: 660049, Krasnoyarsk area, 84, Dubrovinskogo, Krasnoyarsk

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    The Krasnoyarsk regional museum is one of the oldest museums in Siberia and Russia. It was built by I.A. and U.P.Matveevi, representatives of local intellectuals, at the initiative of people on February, 12 (25), in 1889.

    The Museum is in a special building of 1914, designed by the famous krasnoyarsk architect-artist L.A.Chernishova, V.I.Surikov's friend. The creator suggested the project of the building and the control over its building process as the gift to the hometown. The building of the museum is more complete and self stylization on the theme of Egypt and reminds us the united cultural space of the world civilization, symbolizing, at first sight, the meeting of completely different cultures, Siberia and ancient Egypt. The building was renovated in 1987-2001.

    The Museum collection consists of more than 448 exhibits. It is one of the most largest museum collections in Siberia and Russia. It mainly consists of archeologic, paleontologic, ethnographic, natural-scientific collections of universal importance, and also the epistles of Decembrists, collections of V.I.Surikov, G.V.Udin, V.P.Astafyev, D.A.Hvorostovskiy and so on. All this reflects the different aspects of Priyenisey region history (Yenisey region establishing, Krasnoyarsk territory in Soviet time, during the Great Patriotic War, the development of industry in postwar-time, perestroika, post-Soviet period and so on.), fates of famous people, that made contributions to the development of the region. The Museum collectionpresents the history of region from earlier days till today.

    Museum workers are proud of their scientific traditions, formed by famous scientists, that worked in the Museum: A.Ya.Tugarinov, V.I.Gromov, B.O.Dolgih, R.V.Nikolaev, N.I.Drozdov and others. These traditions are carried on by present generation. Among it the following museum workers should be mentioned: N.P.Makarova, V.I.Privalikhina, N.V.Martinovich.

    The museum contributes much to Krasnoyarye's development of cultural potential. Its collections became the basis of such famous cultural places of region as The State universal scholarlike library (1935), V.I.Surikov's memorial estate (1948), V.I.Surikov's art museum (1958). The museum actively contributes to cultural policy of the region.

    Being a regional scientific-methods center since 1977 and the areal one in 1980-85, the regional museum played a big role in the formation of museums in the region. For example, the State history-ethnographic culture preserve "Shushenskoe" and the Krasnoyarsk culture-historical museum complex, formed with the direct participation of regional museum personal. The opening of the Krasnoyarsk regional museum furthered the appearance of new museums on the territory.

    The structure of the museum consists of different branches: P.A.Krasikov's house museum, steam-vessel museum "St. Nikolay", museum of literature, Yudinskaya library (it is closed for reconstruction since 2000), memorial complex of V.P.Astafiev in the country Ovsyanka. The opening of V.P.Astafiev's house museum (2000) and the museum dedicated to the story "the last bow" (2004) became important cultural event for Russia.

    The museum was the first one with the full historic exposition in post-socialist Russia. The exposition lays emphasis on the peculiarity of Siberian region, its role in the Russian mentality formation, the typical features of which were expressed in priority of spirituality, self-sacrifice, weakness of national egoism. The exposition (3500 m2) reflects the life of the region, with mutual interaction of cultures, poly- ethnicity of Prienisey territory. Modern design, high level of information technology and interactivity make it perfect.

    It ought to be noted, that the large exposition was done by efforts of Krasnoyarsk people and is the result of government, culture and business efforts integration.

    The opening day was on March, the 22nd in 2001, after a long-term reconstruction (1987-2001). The new exposition received wide acclaim from Russian and foreign museologists, was successfully presented at international conferences in Barcelona (2001), "Museum and society" (Krasnoyarsk, 2002), "the best in the sphere of heritage" (Dubrovnik, 2002). In the international conference "Museum and society" the experience of the Krasnoyarsk regional museum was discussed.

    The museum won the first prize in the competitions "Window on Russia" (2001), "tourist Olympus" (2003), "100 best Russian commodities" (2005) due to the new exposition and successfully took part in the competition "European museum of the year" (2004).

    The new exposition became the main educational place in museum, harmonically combining traditions and innovations. The museum makes its own individual contribution to the development of "man's treasure", forming Man and Citizen by the best spiritual and cultural traditions. Museum pedagogic took a significant place in museum T and E activity, new forms of work with customers appeared. The museum is connected with such spheres as education, social protection, public organizations, and mass media. It has being taking part in common TV-projects: "History of Krasniy Yar", "Sibarian encyclopedia", "tree of Krasniy Yar" and others. Mass media regularly writes about museum's activity. Personal of the museum is the constant participants of different publishing projects. The museum annually participates in more than 10 different scientific conferences, including international ones. Convention hall, coffee-room, museum shop, rest area, wardrobe, information signs and parking area are included in the museum service. Excursions are given on 4 languages: Russian, English, German and French.

    In museum work information technologies are used extensively. The museum has its website (since 1999), Internet, Web server, local computer network (46 computers) and computer network in exposition (33 computers), Internet Caf?, digital photo and video equipment, technologically furnished convention hall, satellite television. Information technologies enable to integrate cultural values of the region to the world cultural space. it must be emphasized that museum computer network was organized mainly by museum fund.

    The museum has been deeply involved in fundraising, using the money of Russian and foreign charity funds, which finance cultural projects in our country. The museum won more than 30 grants in 1997-2007, earned 35 million rubles (2001-2007) from the date of its opening. Valentina Yaroshevskaya, director of the museum, won the first prize in the competition "Woman-director of the year" (2001).

    The opening of the regional museum at the beginning of the XXI century, which was the first among regional museums, influenced on the development of all kinds of museum work: new forms of museum collections publications and new services for visitors appeared. New technologies are used extensively in work of the museum: marketing, museum-educational and informational technologies. Successes of the museum made it more influential in the museum community. The museum is the member of the RMU (the Russian Museums Union) since 2002; it was presented in ICOM of Russia and assists to development of inter-museum and intercultural contacts.

    The museum proved its high social quality, ability to combine traditions and innovations in its work, financial success with a scientific constituent. Young additional staff after the opening is one of achievements of the museum.

    The regional museum has been serving the interests of society for 120 years. In XXI century the museum became an important instrument of the regional cultural policy, the face of the largest region in Russia, that has unique economic and intellectual- innovative potential

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Administrative phone:
    (391) 227-27-57, Fax: (391) 265-34-85

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 12.02.1889

Organisation status:
   State Russia

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific

    Natural history,Historical,Regional museum,Painting art

    permament show rooms 5063,32
    temporary exhibitions 1602
    museum's store 21502

Employee number:
    144 (curators: 67)

Specific departments:
    archive, science library

Collections volume:
    450 000, rare collection's items: 329 257

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