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Monument to Heroic Defenders of Leningrad

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    The Memorial to Heroic Defenders of Leningrad on Victory Square was unveiled solemnly on Victory Day: 9th May 1975. Authors of the monument are People's Artist of the USSR M.Anikushin, People's Architects of the USSR V.Kamensky and S.Speransky. They were confer on the title of the Lenin prize-winner for a creation of the Memorial in 1978. Thousand scores of people took part in collecting of means for and in erecting of the Memorial ensemble. A place where the Victory Square is arranged now beared the name Srednyaya Rogatka (Middle Barries) from time immemorial. In a period of Word War II a front line lay in 9 km far from Srednyaya Rogatka. A powerful defence centre with steel welded antitank constructions (so called "nadolbs" and "hedgehogs"), concrete blockhouses, multitude of artillery and machine-gun points was made at the very Srednyaya Rogatka.

    Here Arch of Victory Triumph was erected 8 July 1945. Srednyaya Rogatka was renamed by the Victory Square in 1962. Two granite pylons with sculpture groups on them launch an square's ensemble out. Figures of soldiers and foundrywomen, members of the emergency volunteer corps and guerrilla warriors are presented in a sculpture composition on the right pylon. Figures of war pilots and seamen, snipers, scouts, builders of defence line are on the left pylon.

    A 48-high-meters obelisk with dates "1941-1945" cut on it, is a compositional centre of the memorial. A sculpture group "Victors" - a soldier and a worker - is situated at foot of the obelisk. It is a symbol of an indissoluble ties of the army and the people. There was a solemn openning of the Memorable Hall of the Memorial in 23rd February 1978 at the 60th anniversary of Soviet Armed Forces. The Memorial complex was unveiled as far back as 1975 at the 30th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. 30 spruce fir-trees bedded out in front of an entrance of the Memorable Hall remind about it.

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