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Jeyrakh-Assin State Historical, Architectural and Natural Museum-Reserve

Phone: 8 (964) 029 55 57

Address: 386435, Ingushetia Republic,

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    Our museum-reserve is undoubtedly one of the largest not only in the North Caucasus, but also on the territory of the whole country. It is an archaeological, historical and cultural complex in the open air, which includes ancient buildings, necropolises and the remains of settlements. Today it is a popular tourist attraction and an invaluable source of knowledge about the distant past of the Ingush people. The total number of cultural heritage objects located on the territory of the museum - reserve is 2342 monuments.

    The mountainous zone of Ingushetia is rich in unique natural monuments. There are many historical and cultural monuments concentrated here, the most significant of which are the temples "Albi-Yerdy", "Thaba-Yerdy", the castle complex "Vnushki", architectural complexes "Erzi", "Targim", "Egikal" "Tsori", etc.

    The Dzheyrakh-Assin State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve consists of dozens of towers, many crypts, sanctuaries and other structures. The museum-reserve includes more than 100 unique architectural complexes (numbering from 10 to 60 monuments in each) of varying degrees of preservation

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Administrative phone:
    8 (964) 029 55 57

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 02.06.1988

Organisation status:
   State Russia

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    culture for society, scientific

    Architect and monuments,Historical,Museum preserve

    museum's parks 64000га

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    21 (curators: 2)

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