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Uchalinskiy Historikal-Regional Studies Museum

Phone: (34791) 6-02-95

Address: 453700, Bashkortostan Republic,

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    The initiator of creation of a museum - Saitburhanov M. A who in the late fifties began to collect photos, documents, various coins, subjects of an ancient life, the weapon, rare exhibits etc. In 1959 two instructors of a district committee of the CPSU - Saitburhanov M. A and Gilmanov H.J. have decided the collected materials to base on a museum of history of Uchalinsky area.

    On January, 4th, 1962 in district (village Uchaly) the meeting devoted to opening of a regional museum which has settled down in two rooms of the ground floor of a building of regional library has taken place. In 1964 Saitburhanov M. A has achieved a new premise under a museum - in working settlement Small Uchaly near Recreation centres "Miner" have allocated a premise from four rooms.

    In the beginning of 70th museum exhibits have been moved to the panel board house along the street Lenin Komsomol, 3 in which under a museum two big rooms have been allocated. The next years expansion of the occupied area proceeded. The big merit in it belongs to Gizzatulinu S.S. whom Saljah Shakirovich supervised over a museum with 1974 for 1985 collected exhibits not only in our area, but left and for its limits. Under its management building registration has been finished, and official opening of Uchalinsky city museum of local lore on public principles on February, 21st, 1975 has taken place. In three years, in 1978, a museum has received an honorary title "National", and in 1981 became state, i.e., branch of the Bashkir state incorporated museum (nowadays it is the National museum of Republic Bashkortostan).

    In January, 1989 the museum was headed by Serazhetdinova Ф.М. In May, 1992 the two-storeyed building of the former city town committee of the CPSU, by the area of 708 sq.m. to Charles Marx's address, 7 has been gratuitously transferred a museum. On the ground floor expositions "Ethnography", "Mining" and "the native land Nature" have taken places, on the second floor the showroom has settled down.

    Pride of a museum is the ethnographic collection: clothes, female ornaments and utensils. It is placed in the big hall against Perfectly Uchalinsky nature. Animal and area flora are presented to expositions "the Nature of our corner of the world". The exposition "Mining" is opened by a beautiful diopama "Extraction россыпного gold". Numerous photos are told about stories горнозаводского by affairs in area. On the second floor there is a showroom where it is annually spent till 7-10 exhibitions

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Administrative phone:
    (34791) 6-02-95

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 04.01.1962
    opened: 01.02.1975

Organisation status:
   State Russia

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society, scientific

    Regional museum

    permament show rooms 301,5м2
    temporary exhibitions 143м2
    museum's store 38,2м2
    museum's parks 0,15га

Employee number:
    10 (curators: 2)

Average visitors per year:

Collections volume:
    22927, rare collection's items: 18784

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