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Museum of Decembrists

Phone: (30236) 22-200

Address: 673009, Chita region, 19, Dekabristov str., Zabaykalsky-Petrovsk

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    Decembrists museum is located in the Trans-Baikal Petrovsky- Trans-Baikal Territory . Located in a house built in 1832 by the wife of Decembrist Sergei Petrovich Trubetskoy, Princess Yekaterina Ivanovna Troubetzkoy , who came for his disgraced husband to prison .

    In 1830, 71 Decembrist transferred from Chita to Petrovsky Zavod (now Petrovsk Transbaikalia ) , in a specially built for state criminals dungeon . Decembrists were at hard labor in Peter's dungeon from 1830 to 1839gg .

    10 wives of the Decembrists, who came after the husbands - Decembrists formed near casemates Lady street.

    Memory is stored in the Decembrists Decembrists monuments

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Administrative phone:
    (30236) 22-200

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    opened: 10.10.1980

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    culture for society


    permament show rooms 110м2
    temporary exhibitions 60м2
    museum's store 60м2

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    10 (curators: 2)

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Collections volume:
    5285, rare collection's items: 1940

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