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Satkinskiy Municipal Regional Studies Museum

Phone: (35161) 2-2263

Address: 456910, Chelyabinsk region, 2, Maya 1 sg., Satka

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    The city Museum is situated in ex-building of St.-Troitskaya church (built in 80 th XVIII century), which was reconstructed in 30 th of the XX century. In two-floors building are placed the nature departmnt, the expositions of pre-soviet and soviet history. In the nature department is told about minerals, so about two unigue natural regions "Zuratkul" and "Aiskaya valley". The beautiful Soutch Ural nature in all seasons witch typical taiga's animals is reflected in diarams. The dirds' voices make you feel as in the forest. The history of the city is represented from different sides. Unforgettable trace left in the history of the Satka Iron-Making Plant the Peasant War 1773 - 1775 leading by E.I.Pugatchev. One part of exposition is devoted the development of enterprises, culture, education and medicine. You can laern here also about plant "Magnezit" and electrometallurgical plant "Porogi", that were long years ago the first and the olny plants such sorts in all Russia. Machine-gun "Maxim", provisions cards, membership card of "The Union of Atheits", pfotos of men fallen during the repressions-years, local newpapers "Fight the Enemy", "Stalinez", motto "Erase off eattch face all people enemies" give the atmosphere of soviet history Satka in 20 th - 30 th. In funds of Museum are kept about more then 16000 Museum-pieces. The tedious research work is holding in different archives of Ural. Since some years the Museum collaborates with the educational institutions in programme "Museum and School". There were about 60 lectures and lessons worked out in limits of this programmes. The other successful programme is "Gifted chidren". Research works of some children, made together witch Museum workers, took part in regional historical conferences and in Russian conference of tourist-historical mouving "Motherland".

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Administrative phone:
    (35161) 2-2263

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    Regional museum

    permament show rooms 315м2
    museum's store 28м2

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    10 (curators: 4)

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    archive, science library

Collections volume:
    16461, rare collection's items: 14622

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