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History museum of local lore of a name of N.J. Savchenko of Tatarsk Novosibirsk region

Phone: (383 64) 20-041

Address: 632122, Novosibirsk region,

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    The centre of military and patriotic education of youth. The museum has opened the doors for visitors on July, 5th, 1985. For 24 years of existence of a museum has visited more than 244 thousand persons. More than 2 200 donators have filled up fund of a museum which for today makes 34 000 exhibits.

    The museum library totals 3 thousand volumes memoirs, documentary and fiction. In a museum tens expositions reflecting history of edge, a city, the area, the separate enterprises and economy are created and opened. There are the expositions devoted to persons: to Heroes of Socialist work, Heroes of Soviet Union, the Honorable and Deserved citizens and area - to doctors, teachers, builders, workers of agriculture.

    In a museum are presented: plane An - 2, tank T - 34, a steam locomotive. The worthy place in expositions is occupied with other machines : motor vehicles GAS - , -5, an armoured troop-carrier, a tractor DT - 54, a tractor "Versatile person", field soldier's kitchen and many other things.

    In 2001 it became the student of competition "the Window to Russia", experts of this competition have brought it in number of the best museums of Russia. In area the museum is estimated as unique storehouse of history, it is brought in "the Gold book of culture of the Novosibirsk region" in nominations Establishment of year "Gold light of the centre".

    In November, 2003 the museum has won administration NSO grant for the project "We of this memory are true" on patriotic education of youth. On July, 1st, 2004 - the museum has got the status of municipal authority of culture "Tatarsk History museum of local lore". On February, 16th, 2008 the city council of deputies has made the decision on museum renaming on assignment to it of a founder name "Culture Municipal authority" "History museum of local lore of a name of N.JA.Savchenko". On July, 3rd, 2009 this has become history of our museum as not ordinary bright event. The memorial board devoted to memory of Nikolay Jakovlevich Savchenko is opened

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   lecture hall

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Administrative phone:
    (383 64) 20-041, Fax: (383 64) 20-041

Foundation and opening day:
    founded: 05.07.1985

Organisation status:

Organization form:

Organisation type:
    culture for society

    Historical,Regional museum,Science and technics

    permament show rooms 9002
    temporary exhibitions 802
    museum's store 1002

Employee number:
    16 (curators: 2)

Average visitors per year:

Specific departments:

Collections volume:
    34000, rare collection's items: 13600

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